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This book is an investment in your life-long health. Dr Verner Wheelock brings the food scientist’s eagle eye to the conflicting nutritional messages you receive from governments, doctors, dietitians and the media.

This book:
- Dissects the original scientific evidence on which official dietary guidelines are based; Busts accepted myths about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol;
- Demonstrates that low-fat, high carb diets have actually compounded the obesity crisis;
- Examines the effect that big industry, bad science and arrogance have had on the nation’s health;
- Shows how the widely-accepted dietary advice for those suffering from cancer, dementia, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity are just plain wrong.

Dr Wheelock’s exposé will make you think twice about accepting official dietary recommendations at face value. His review of recent research has shown that taking an alternative approach can have a positive effect on health and wellbeing – the results speak for themselves!

Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake

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